Blacksmith of Vintiver


Coalan is the Blacksmith of Vintiver. During the Harvest Festival, he started a fight with a young elf named Harralan.

Was a strong believer that the Elves were solely responsible for all the attacks on Vintiver and sets an ambush to defeat the PC’s. After the fight he and his companions were knocked unconscious.

On returning to Vintiver during the Abomination assault, Coalan is seen fighting Mythallen. As the PC’s arrive, he is thrown back into a wall and slumps onconscious, on the verge of dying.

It is the Avvar, Thalin, he rushes to his aid. Full of pride in Coalan’s manly spirit, Thalin proclaims him a kindred warrior and attempts to heal him.

After all the troubles are resolve, Thalin and Coalan are the best of friends and part ways, vowing to see eachother once again.


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